Who Is Deekron The Fitness DJ?

Deekron is out to move you – literally.

As a provider of workout music to both fitness instructors and individuals, Deekron's music has moved thousands of bodies. And before he's done, he will have moved thousands more.

Deekron is a life-long athlete, DJ, and business executive who transformed his career in order to pursue his passion and make a difference in people's health. Though he achieved early success in the corporate world – having attended a 'Top 5' business school program at the University of Michigan and having worked for top-tier consulting firms in New York City -- Deekron knew his calling lay elsewhere.

In 2006, Deekron followed his heart and took on a mission – to cause a healthier world by motivating people to exercise, through fun and effective workout music. Deekron feels that with the right music, people will work out longer, harder, and more consistently, leading to greater levels of fitness and overall health.

During his time in the corporate world, Deekron spent his spare time DJing and managing the New York techno label Gotham Grooves. This experience gave Deekron a real understanding of high-energy music and its powerful connection to movement and exercise.

Deekron's first foray into the world of fitness music was through his music label, RockitWave8, which launched in 2007 and provides Group Fitness Instructors with high-energy beats for their classes, such as kickboxing, spinning, and conditioning.

Deekron has DJ'd live for major gyms, injecting a dose of fun and inspiration into workouts at clubs such as Equinox, Crunch, and David Barton. Some of the country's top fitness instructors such as Patrick Goudeau, Rob Glick, Petra Kolber, Keli Roberts, Calvin Wiley, Clay Grant, and Stacey Lei Krauss have all sought out Deekron's music for their classes to motivate and enthuse their students.

Deekron also serves as a music consultant to Power Music, the #1 fitness music company in the world. In this role, he has produced several exciting workout compilations for individuals - appropriately paced workout mixes that blend current pop hits - which can be found on iTunes, by searching for “deekron”. Deekron's latest project is Motion Traxx – a free, fitness music Podcast that launched in January 2009. Motion Traxx is geared for individuals engaged in running or general exercise.

If you look for him, you'll find Deekron The Fitness DJ at the intersection of music and movement. Just be ready to move.