The Story

The Story of Deekron The Fitness DJ

Deekron has dedicated his life to one thing – motivating people to exercise through music.

He's not afraid to tell you that his mission will make a difference in the world, "I know, from first-hand experience, how powerful the proper music can be during exercise. My goal is to inspire people, through music, to exercise, longer, harder, and more consistently, so we can have a fitter, healthier world."

Passion Beats Out Paycheck

Deekron's quest began in 2006 while soul-searching about life and career. Yet, finding this new, inspiring path did not come easy. He began career life not as a DJ, but in the corporate world. After earning his Masters from the University of Michigan Business School in 1999, Deekron toggled between two worlds. During the day, he worked for top-tier consulting firms in New York, advising corporations on business strategy. In his spare time, he pursued his passion for dance music by teaming with his brother, Ara, a life-long DJ/Producer, and established the techno label Gotham Grooves in 2001.

The launch of the label also gave birth to Deekron's DJ career. While the label achieved recognition and a certain level of success, changing musical tastes and a worldwide decline in music sales limited the label from major expansion. In 2004, Deekron chose to turn Gotham Grooves over to Ara and seek other opportunities.

Deekron had been inspired by his experience at Gotham Grooves where 'work' seemed more like play. Deekron now sought a bigger idea, one that would fulfill him not only artistically, but also financially. After a year of exploring different business ideas (and writing too many business plans to count!) he went back to consulting temporarily, until the 'big idea' would come.

Searching The Soul

The big idea came in early 2006. As one of his homework assignments for a personal development course, he had to pick a project that inspired him and work on it with a team of people. The outcome of this homework project would go on to become his new business. But what would he pick? A year of trying different business ideas didn't work, so what now?

There was only one place left he could go to look for the answer – inside. While founding Gotham Grooves was a natural expression of his love of music, there was something else that fueled his passion – exercise. Having been an athlete in a variety of sports all of his life, Deekron had experienced firsthand the dynamic power of music to enhance exercise and movement. "I would get such a rush every time I would go workout to one of our energetic techno mixes. It was the highlight of my week. And looking around the gym, I knew most people did not have easy access to such motivating music." The big idea had been found!

He decided to start out by making music for Group Fitness instructors, who also found it challenging to find good fitness music. The rest of 2006 involved researching, networking, and making fitness mixes for various Group Fitness classes. In March 2007, Deekron launched his second music label, RockitWave8.

With its motto, "bringing the power of the dance floor to the gym floor," RockitWave8 delivers 'pumpin' fitness music' for Group Fitness classes.

The 'Fitness DJ' is Born

Now that he was in the fitness music business, he quickly realized that people – both fitness instructors, as well as fitness enthusiasts, could really benefit from an 'expert personality' guiding them in finding and applying music properly in their workouts. Deekron knew he had expertise in high-energy music, and a lifetime of fitness behind him. Not one to be shy, he decided he was going to be that personality. So, he registered the trademark name, The Fitness DJ, with the goal of being the guide that gives people the motivation to workout through music.

Today, playing the role of The Fitness DJ requires Deekron to juggle many roles – running RockitWave8, serving as a music consultant to Power Music (the leading U.S. fitness music company), DJing at gyms, and producing the recently launched Motion Traxx fitness music podcast.

Deekron has DJ'd live for major gyms such as Equinox, Crunch, and David Barton. Some of the country's top fitness instructors like Patrick Goudeau, Rob Glick, Petra Kolber, Keli Roberts, Calvin Wiley, Clay Grant, and Stacey Lei Krauss have sought out Deekron's music for their classes to motivate and enthuse their students. To date, thousands of people have moved to the sounds of The Fitness DJ in classes or on their mp3 players.

Beyond working with gyms and fitness instructors, Deekron has produced exciting workout compilations for individuals - appropriately paced workout mixes that blend current pop hits, which can be found on iTunes (by searching for 'deekron'). Deekron's latest project is Motion Traxx – a free, fitness music Podcast for both running and general exercise.

Inspired by the World

To receive inspiration for his music, Deekron pulls from many sources. His roots lie in the nightclubs of New York City. "It's where I got my 'soul education," he says enthusiastically. Beyond the dance clubs and DJs that have inspired him, he draws upon his cultural background – born in Romania to an Armenian father and Romanian mother – and his extensive travels. He has adventured to every continent but one (Antarctica if you're curious). From those influences, he cleverly weaves global flavors into his mixes; from the beaches of Ibiza to the exotic rhythms of South America and the Middle East. Intensely interested in a diverse array of people, he caters his music to different tastes and sounds - while his music is undeniably energizing techno, the many flavors include tribal, funk, electro, Latin, 80s, pop, chill, breaks, drum & bass, and world-beat.

Deekron is dedicated to continually learning more about the integration of fitness and music and the affect that music can have on peak performance. From professional athletes to occasional gym-goers, Deekron wants to inspire people to workout longer, harder, and more consistently through the power of music.

Deekron 'The Fitness DJ' is providing the soundtrack to inspire the world to move, get fit, and be healthy.